Concussion Education: "You Don’t Know What You Can’t Remember"

This course is approved by the IHSA to fulfill the 2 hour legislative educational requirement for interscholastic coaches and game officials.

This seminar, which is open to interscholastic coaches, game officials, athletic trainers, school nurses and Concussion Oversight Team (COT) members, meets requirements of the new state legislation, which will go into effect this fall.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Define concussion and post concussion syndrome 
  2. Recognize concussion signs and symptoms
  3. Know potential long term effects
  4. Acknowledge IL legislation
  5. Know current concussion evaluation techniques (including sideline and ambulatory evaluations)
  6. Identify role of concussion management team members
  7. Recognize treatment plans, including return to learn and return to play protocols in accordance with IL law
  8. Identify risks and when to consider ‘retirement’ from contact activities
  9. Recognize potential risk reducers and safety tips
  10. Identify when to refer to a concussion specialist

Difficulty Level:  Essential  
Course Date and Time: Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 7-9 pm
Course Location:  IBJI Rehabilitation Highland Park - 1919 Skokie Valley Road, Highland Park, IL 60035
Course Speakers:  Dr. Andrew Hunt, MD, Dr. Rhutav Parikh, MD,  Brian Robinson MS, ATC, Kelly Trainor APN, CPNP
CEU’s:  2 contact hours for ATCs, OTs, PTs and PTAs; IHSA approved 2 hour legislative fulfillment for interscholastic coaches and game officials
Tuition:  Complimentary
Attendance is limited. Please RSVP by August 1, 2016.   
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