Illinois Bone & Joint Institute Rehabilitation Services proudly support our physicians in delivering cutting edge Industrial Rehabilitation as part of our comprehensive Physical and Occupational Therapy programs.

The therapist's ability to interact with physicians on a daily basis gives us a unique advantage that is critical in Case Management, one that helps to decrease the amount of time a patient is away from work.

Work Conditioning helps injured workers finalize their rehabilitation process to ensure they are capable of safely returning to work duty and not get re-injured. Our Work Conditioning clinics are located throughout the Chicagoland area and include an individualized program for each injury and job description.

Work conditioning programs are typically 4 hours a day for 5 days a week.

All of our FCEs are performed by unbiased and certified physical therapists that have experience and training in performing an optimal FCE. Our Functional Capacity Evaluations use sophisticated and proven testing with a high level of malingering diagnostics. The report consists of a comprehensive and succinct summary that is guaranteed in 24-hours. Sample reports are available upon request.

IBJI also specializes in Independent Functional Capacity Evaluations (IFCEs). An IFCE can be used as a second opinion to a previously performed FCE by another company or care provider.

IBJI can create high quality testing to determine fitness for duty for any position. Our evaluations can be used to help finalize a new hire or match physical capabilities of a current employee to his or her position. All tests are tailored to match a current job description or use our ergonomic assessment to create an individualized examination. 

IBJI’s injury prevention training has been shown to reduce costs for multiple municipalities, fire, police, and public works departments as well private companies. Injury prevention can consist of ergonomic training, educational components, and exercise training to target areas that are predisposed to injury.

We also provide on-site Ergonomic Assessments throughout the area, from office assessments to manual labor work stations. Ergonomic Assessments are available from any IBJI Rehabilitation office.