IBJI Training Series - 7 Common Rowing Mistakes

Rowing is a very beneficial movement pattern regardless of your goals for yourself, your patient, or client. The truth is though it's also an exercise that is easy to mess up. That's why in our latest video HPI Trainer Cory Leman talks about some mistakes that you can be on the look out for, so that you can make sure you get the most out of your rows.

IBJI Training Series - Methods for Improving Fine Motor Coordination

When an athlete or patient has an injury to the wrist or arm, fine motor coordination is hard to regain. In this video IBJI Occupational Therapist Julee Brennan shows us unique treatment equipment to assist patients when counting during exercises for fine/gross motor coordination, to increase end range during natural movement patterns plus juggling.

IBJI Libertyville Rehab Clinic Moves to New Location, Expands Service Offerings

IBJI is proud to announce its Libertyville rehabilitation clinic will be moving from 716 Florsheim Drive to a nearby, newly renovated building at 724 Florsheim Drive.  The new facility will be open and see patients as of Thursday, July 2, 2015.

The new clinic will be significantly larger, providing more equipment and more flexible appointment scheduling.  In addition, the expansion will give  therapists access to a broader array of resources and dynamic exercises, enabling them to treat a much wider range of conditions.

New, on-site equipment will include a Shuttle Recovery machine, providing a variety of activities from post-surgical to aggressive plyometric jumping for a diverse range of patients.  Also available will be new elliptical machines and the latest Scifit equipment like SciFit Pro Upper Body and Scifit Upright Bikes, all making it easy for people of all ages, abilities and conditions to get moving, stay motivated and see results.  IBJI's existing state-of the-art equipment, like the Proprio 5000 machine, which offers training for many upper and lower extremity diagnoses, will be moved to the new clinic.  An added exercise area, separate from the main treatment room, will provide more space and a better overall patient experience.

In addition to the current Libertyville clinic services such as physical therapy, sports medicine and performing arts rehab, occupational therapy services will also be available on-site by late Summer/early Fall 2015. IBJI occupational therapists specialize in the rehabilitation of the hand and upper extremity, restoring function for full participation in daily activities.

“Providing the best therapists, treatment programs, equipment, services and environment to patients from the start makes the overall rehabilitation process much more efficient and effective,” explains Andre Blom, IBJI’s Director of Rehabilitation, “Our new Libertyville clinic allows us to provide our patients with the best possible experience and, ultimately, provide better outcomes.”

For more information or to make an appointment, call 847.918.9077 or visit our Libertyville page.