IBJI Hosts "Healthy Gymnast Seminar"

On December 30th 2016, IBJI Rehab staff in collaboration with Elk Grove Gymnastics hosted the "Healthy Gymnast Seminar". This event brought together female gymnasts from the Elk Grove community, as well as, Maine East High School. Over 20 athletes and coaches participated in the seminar events.

Presentation topics included prevention and care of common wrist and elbow injuries, ACL injury prevention, nutrition and the Female Athlete Triad.  IBJI’s panel of experts included Heather Elliot-Smith PT, Julie Fleming PT, Aleksandra Moe PT, Alyssa Bolhous PT, and Sports Performance Coach David Howington CSCS.

Gymnastics coach Neil Adamson, recognizes the importance of educating his athletes on why prevention and purposeful training is important, “This season I have been incorporating a lot of (what was discussed) into our workouts, so to have you guys come in and go into greater depth and not just touch on things but really further the girls understanding of these topics was a huge help!”.  Betty Axelson-McClelland owner of Elk Grove Gymnastics, followed with ”All the therapists' presentations were so well organized and very pertinent to the gymnasts, so they kept the attention of all the girls the entire time.  We greatly appreciate IBJI making this excellent seminar possible”.

One of IBJI Rehab's key initiatives is to promote meaningful community engagement with a special focus on female athletes. It is opportunities like these that really remind us of the importance of sharing knowledge.  “As rehabilitation professionals we believe that it is important to educate individuals about their bodies so that they may be empowered to be active participants in managing their own health.  We were excited for the opportunity to reach out to these active young women to share knowledge and behaviors that will help them perform their best and prevent injury." stated Heather Elliot-Smith, Physical Therapist and Facility Manager of IBJI Rehab Des Plaines clinic. 

If you are interested in having IBJI Rehab present to your team or club, please reach out to Amy Illarde at aillarde@ibji.com