IBJI's 2017 Running Clinic - Highland Park

On Saturday, February 11th, IBJI Rehab hosted our first of two 2017 Running Clinics.  IBJI Physical Therapists provided foot type and running mechanic analysis, strength and flexibility testing, and personalized home exercise programs to 35 individuals of all running levels.

This clinic is intended to educate runners on how their specific running form and foot type can reveal their future risk for running related injuries as well as, be leveraged to improve running performance. 

"I learned so much from the IBJI running clinic. The staff was very knowledgable and thorough with their assessment and gave me some great tips to keep me running the rest of my life. I highly recommend this clinic" noted Kim Carden, President of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Running Club.

If you missed this event, there is still time to register for our March Running Clinic!  This clinic will be hosted on Saturday, March 18th at our Chicago-Logan Square office (2923 N. California Ave). For more information visit our events page