Starting 2015 in Good Running Form

IBJI therapists from across many of our clinics, came together again this past weekend for a morning devoted to running pain free and improving form. The annual Running Clinic was a success. Our therapists took a close look at runners functional strength and flexibility, foot biomechanics and gait. Runners were given tips and techniques to improve form and mechanics necessary for an efficient stride. Runners Edge was with us as well to discuss the latest in footwear trends. 

To quote one runner, "I had no idea how much I could improve". And another, "I am definitely going to send my friend to the next one!" Runners of all levels of competition and background attended including beginners, marathoners, triathletes, and high school track runners. Some recovering from an injury and some in an effort to prevent pain as they ramp up for their 2015 running goals. 

If you missed out on this one, sign up for the next Running Clinic on April 25th. E-mail to reserve your spot. Click here for more information.