Dr. Eric Chehab Presents at Active by Design Summit

On October 4th, IBJI Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Eric Chehab presented at the Active By Design summit, held at the Botanic Gardens.  This presentation was part of a larger summit which focused on bringing together local municipality leaders to highlight how we can design our local communities to support active movement for people of all abilities.

Along with Dr. Cheheb, this event featured Mark Fenton a leading national public health, planning and transportation consultant whose expertise is working with communities across the United States to evaluate and build communities, programs and policies that support opportunities for walking and bicycling as part of one’s daily lifestyle. 

Below is Dr. Chehab's introduction presentation. 

Walking statistics presented in this presentation were referenced from the below article. http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/Walking-Your-steps-to-health