Degenerative conditions of the lower extremity and back are extraordinarily common and the leading cause for orthopedic visits at IBJI.  Severe degenerative conditions can respond very well to surgery, such as joint replacement or spinal fusion.  However, for the more moderate cases, surgery may not be indicated, as the risks of the surgery may outweigh the benefits. Therefore, the painful hip, knee or back that has moderate arthritis can be quite difficult to treat, as it is not bad enough to require surgery, but remains painful and impairs lifestyle.

The “Grade A” proven treatments for the painful, moderately-arthritic joint or a painful back include: exercise that emphasizes low resistance motion, weight loss, and education regarding your condition.  All of these treatments are remarkably effective but are very challenging, in part because they require significant changes in habits and lifestyle. This is where OrthoHealth comes in.

An Innovative Approach To Managing Joint Pain

Orthohealth's focus is helping our patients increase their resting metabolic rate as a means of alleviating painful joints.  Metabolic rate is effected by non-modifiable factors such as genetic make up and age, in addition to, modifiable factors including; sleep, movement, stress, and diet. OrthoHealth focuses on making changes to these 4 modifiable factors of metabolic health.

A Customizable Path That Is Built Around Your Needs

Our integrated network of physical therapists, dietitians, health coaches, exercise physiologists and other professional partners will offer you the support you need to find success in our program.  To us success is much more easily achieved when your path is customized not only for you, but by you.

Sustainable Changes That Lead to A Better Quality of Life

Orthohealth will provide you the tools to develop long term lifestyle changes by helping each patient understand what motivations and goals drive their behavior.  By focusing on why your health is important to you, these insights will help give you the confidence and reason to make meaningful changes to your metabolic rate.

Curious About OrthoHealth?
Below you will find an introduction to each component of our program. Learn more about how our program and how it can help you!  


Interested in learning more about OrthoHealth? 

Join us for an informational webinar on Wednesday, November 8th from 7pm-8pm. 

What IBJI Patients Are Saying About The     OrthoHealth Program

  • I had terrible shoulder pain and could no longer ignore it. X-rays and an MRI revealed advanced osteoarthritis in my shoulder that would require the replacement of the ball and socket of that joint. Well, I may not have been a good surgical candidate, but I was a perfect candidate for the OrthoHealth program.  I have a long way to go, but for the first time in my life feel I can do it and it's all because of the OrthoHealth program and all the wonderful people involved in making this program posssible!
  • I lost 14 pounds and several inches thanks to coaching and physical therapy.
  • I really felt like this approach was helpful to me because I desperately needed help wth pain management and mobility limitations. The nutrition help was really appropriate and useful, and the life coach Donna was a big help with sleep management and stress!

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