Performing Arts Rehabilitation at Illinois Bone & Joint Institute offers free injury screens, physical & occupational therapy services, studio/gym visits and Pilates lessons for Dancers, Figure Skaters, Gymnasts, Musicians, and Martial Artists. Our expert staff of licensed physical and occupational therapists is dedicated to providing the best research-based care for these individuals by understanding their unique needs physically and psychologically, assisting in the prevention of injury, and restoring optimal health following an injury.

Details of the Program

Our therapists are available to attend your practice and/or performance locations (gym, rink, studio, etc) to evaluate your needs. Assessing your strength, stability, mobility, balance and coordination, the therapist can work with you to improve these areas and allow for better performance.

If a referral to a physician is necessary, we have access to incredible orthopedic physicians at Illinois Bone & Joint Institute who will take excellent care of you. After seeing the physician to obtain a script, we can then begin therapy to address any deficits found through progressive therapy to allow for a full return to your sport.


Performing Arts Rehabilitation is available in: