Tuck Jump Assessment (RTP Testing)


    Markers will be placed along a wall at a 90-90 hip flexed position and at the feet when feet are placed shoulder-width apart. The patient will be instructed to perform 10 rapid, consecutive tuck jumps. The tuck jump assessment will be filmed from both a front and lateral view. The tester will identify if any of the 10 technique flaws listed below are observed and will score accordingly.

Possible technique flaws:

  • Lower extremity valgus at landing
  • Foot placement not shoulder width apart
  • Thighs not equal side-to-side (during flight) 
  • Excessive landing contact noise (lateral view)
  • Foot placement not parallel (front to back) (lateral view)
  • Thighs do not reach parallel (peak of jump) (lateral view)
  • Foot contact timing not equal
  • Does not land in same footprint (excessive in-flight motion) 
  • Pause between jumps
  • Technique declines prior to completion of 10 jumps 


    The patient will start with a score of 10. Subtract 1 point for each technique flaw observed. Subtract 2 points if patient is unable to complete 10 consecutive jumps. A score of of 5 or more is a passing score.