Vertical Depth Drop Test (RTP Testing)


     The box depth jump will be filmed from an anterior view only. Instruct patient to stand on the 12” box, then, jump off the box, landing on ground directly in front of box, jump up again as high as they can, then finish in double-leg landing. The jumps must be vertical in direction, avoiding forward motion towards the camera.


3 - GOOD: Patient jumps and lands with symmetrical movement; lands with knees, hips, and toes in-line, equal knee separation, controls the landing, and does not demonstrate a loss of knee valgus control.
2 – FAIR: Patient demonstrates slight deviations, but thighs still reach parallel to the floor.
1 – POOR: Patient exhibits asymmetrical mechanics; loss of knee control, poor knee separation, loss of balance, significant knee valgus, poor trunk control, and/or poor knee flexion/absorption.