FMS Overhead Squat

In the video below IBJI Therapists Tara and Carol take us through how to assess the deep squat. A couple things to note;

  • Examine from both a front and lateral view
  • Athlete stands with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and toes externally rotated
  • Athlete will grab dowel rod with elbows bent at 90 degrees and then raise bar overhead with arms fully extended.
  • Athlete will squat as deep as possible for three repetitions in a row.

Give the following Instructions: 

  • The athlete's knees should be traveling same direction as toes
  • Body weight should be evenly distributed throughout entire foot
  • Upper torso should be parallel with shins
  • Hips should drop lower than knees at the lowest point
  • Knees and bar should be aligned directly over feet at lowest point


3 = Good

  • Athlete's feet are shoulder width apart, arms overhead
  • Athlete's squat is below knees and trunk is parallel to shins

2 = Fair

  • Heels elevated on airex pad the athlete is able to give a good squat

1 = Poor

  • With heels elevated athlete is still unable to perform a good squat