Prone External Rotation Strength Test

In this video IBJI Therapist Christian Chebny teaches us how to do the Prone External Rotation Strength Test. 


  • patient lies prone on the table with uninvolved arm hanging off edge
  • Holding a dumbbell patient performs external rotation at 90 degrees until han drises above the level of the table to be counted as 1 rep
  • patient must keep arm horizontally abducted
  • patient should perform 6-20 reps until failure due to exhaustion
  • test may be stopped and weight switched depending on ease or difficulty
  • Repeat on involved UE

Uninvolved R/L choose one [(.03xreps)] x (weight)] + weight = ___ Pounds
Involved R/L choose one [(.03xreps)] x (weight)] + weight = ___ Pounds
Pass = > or equal to 90% limb symmetry index
Fail = < or equal to 89% limb symmetry index