Standing External Rotation Endurance Test

In this video IBJI Therapist Tessa Walsh takes us through how to perform the Standing External Rotation Endurance Test. 

Instructions for the test are as follow;

  • Patient stands holding an elastic band that is at shoulder level
  • patient perform external rotation at 90 degrees of abduction on uninvolved UE at a distance where they feel they can perform 30 reps
  • Position is marked with tape 
  • Patient performs ER at 90 degrees of abduction with a pace of 60 beats/minute for 30 seconds
  • If unable to meet 30 seconds or falls behind metronome patient rests for 3 minutes and repeats the test at a closer distance
  • Repeat on involved UE

Pass: patient is able to maintain form for > or equal to 30 seconds
Fail: patient is unable to complete 30 seconds or demonstrates significant loss of form