Y Balance Test

In this video IBJI Therapists Molli and Tara take us through the Y balance stability test.

Instructions are as follow:

  • Measure patients limb from C7 to tip of longest finger with shoulder at 90 degrees in frontal plain
  • Thumb is aligned behind the red starting line with the hand on the label side of the line
  • Maintaining a push-up position with feet shoulder width apart the person is asked to reach the free hand in the - medial, inferolateral, and superolateral directions in relation to the stance hand
  • All three reaches are performed sequentially without rest 
  • Patient may rest between trials
  • Shoes are not worn during the test
  • Two practice trials on each side are performed prior to testing


  • Maintain balance on one hand
  • Cannot lift or move the balance hand from the platform
  • Cannot touch down with reach hand
  • Return the reach hand to starting position
  • Maintaining contact with target without pushing or shoving target


  • Composite score = Medial + Inferolateral + Superolateral x 100/ 3 x limb length
  • Pass = less than 4cm asymmetry on involved and uninvolved side
  • Fail = More than a 4cm asymmetry on involved and uninvolved side