Upper Extremity Orthotic Fabrication

Upper Extremity Orthotics include both custom and non-custom varieties. Custom orthotics are fabricated by IBJI’s Occupational Therapists who are trained in the treatment of upper extremity musculoskeletal injuries and disorders.  The purpose of an orthotic may include:

  • Fracture stabilization to protect and promote healing
  • Immobilization to reduce pain from inflammatory conditions or to support healing structures 
  • Prevention and correction of joint contractures or deformities
  • Facilitate joint mobility where stiffness may be present
  • Assist in increasing functional performance for daily activities

Orthotics may be fabricated from several types of products based on the physician’s preference and the patient’s personal needs.  They may include:

  • Low temperature thermoplastics
  • Functional casting (also called Focused Rigidity Casting)

Custom orthotics require a physician’s prescription and are fit specifically to each individual patient.  They may be fitted to you following your first post operative visit with your physician.

Insurance coverage for custom and non-custom orthotics can vary and your individual benefits will be verified by our office prior to you being fitted with your orthosis.

A well fitting upper extremity orthosis should be comfortable, lightweight and be easy to put on and take off.   A follow up visit with your Occupational Therapist is recommended if your orthosis is uncomfortable, becomes too loose after swelling has subsided or is difficult to apply.