A Personal Touch


We offer rehabilitation for almost everyone and every condition, from children to seniors to those with special needs. We assist people dealing with chronic pain from a bone or joint condition, people recovering from surgery, auto accident, sports injury or other injury. We can also provide ways to reduce wear and tear on bones, muscles and joints from overuse or age.

Your Goals


We work with you to establish clear goals, then develop and follow a customized treatment plan, assessing progress along the way and making any changes needed to return you most quickly and safely to full function.

Effective & Affordable


We offer an interdisciplinary approach to therapy. Physicians and physical therapists work together, to ensure each patient receives coordinated, optimal care so you can return to your daily and athletic activities strong and confident.

We're working with amazing organizations.

IBJI Rehabilitation is proud to collaborate with athletic organizations to improve the experience for athletes and fans alike through injury prevention & athletic training. If your organization is interested in working with us, please contact us!